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Women's Nic + Zoe Clothes: Sale

Women's Clothes: Sale
NIC+ZOE 'Serenity' Pullover (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Serenity' Pullover (Regular & Petite)Was: $128.00Now: $76.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Diamond Wrap' Dress (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Diamond Wrap' Dress (Regular & Petite)Was: $148.00Now: $88.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Pop of Paisley' Maxi Dress (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Pop of Paisley' Maxi Dress (Regular & Petite)Was: $164.00Now: $98.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE Double Trim Cardigan (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE Double Trim Cardigan (Regular & Petite)Was: $108.00Now: $64.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Evening Dusk' Cutout Detail Print Dress
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Evening Dusk' Cutout Detail Print DressWas: $198.00Now: $118.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE Foil Print Knit Riding Jacket (Plus Size)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE Foil Print Knit Riding Jacket (Plus Size)Was: $238.00Now: $159.4633% OFF
NIC+ZOE Belted Mesh Party Dress
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE Belted Mesh Party DressWas: $148.00Now: $88.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Faint Impressions' Maxi Dress (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Faint Impressions' Maxi Dress (Regular & Petite)Was: $198.00Now: $118.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE Intarsia Drape Front Cardigan (Plus Size)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE Intarsia Drape Front Cardigan (Plus Size)Was: $174.00Now: $116.5833% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Twisting Waterfalls' Cardigan
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Twisting Waterfalls' CardiganWas: $148.00Now: $88.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE Stretch Tank (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE Stretch Tank (Regular & Petite)Was: $44.00Now: $26.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Also Perfect' Tank (Plus Size)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Also Perfect' Tank (Plus Size)Was: $48.00Now: $32.1633% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Sleek & Textured' Sweater
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Sleek & Textured' SweaterWas: $118.00Now: $70.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Mosaic' Faux Wrap Dress (Plus Size)
NIC+ZOE 'Mosaic' Faux Wrap Dress (Plus Size)Was: $168.00Now: $100.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Breaking Fawn' Cardigan
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Breaking Fawn' CardiganWas: $148.00Now: $88.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Floral Vines' Top (Plus Size)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Floral Vines' Top (Plus Size)Was: $148.00Now: $88.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Geometric Rivers' Tank
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Geometric Rivers' TankWas: $118.00Now: $70.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Etched' Print V-Neck Cardigan (Plus Size)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Etched' Print V-Neck Cardigan (Plus Size)Was: $168.00Now: $112.5633% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Essential' Ruffle Front Top
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Essential' Ruffle Front TopWas: $88.00Now: $52.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Swept Away' Cardigan (Plus Size)
NIC+ZOE 'Swept Away' Cardigan (Plus Size)Was: $164.00Now: $98.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Whisper Stripe' Knit Pullover (Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Whisper Stripe' Knit Pullover (Petite)Was: $128.00Now: $76.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE Cutout Detail Crepe Tunic Top
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE Cutout Detail Crepe Tunic TopWas: $144.00Now: $86.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Perfect' Stretch Cotton Tank (Petite)
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Perfect' Stretch Cotton Tank (Petite)Was: $44.00Now: $26.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Marbled Stripe' Faux Wrap Top
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Marbled Stripe' Faux Wrap TopWas: $128.00Now: $76.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Evening Dusk' Straight Leg Ankle Pants
New MarkdownNIC+ZOE 'Evening Dusk' Straight Leg Ankle PantsWas: $138.00Now: $82.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Through the Petals' Top (Plus Size)
NIC+ZOE 'Through the Petals' Top (Plus Size)Was: $144.00Now: $86.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Zigzag' Cardigan (Plus Size)
NIC+ZOE 'Zigzag' Cardigan (Plus Size)Was: $164.00Now: $81.9850% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Punched' Jacquard Jacket (Plus Size)
NIC+ZOE 'Punched' Jacquard Jacket (Plus Size)Was: $299.00Now: $179.4040% OFF
NIC+ZOE 'Marbled Stripe' Faux Wrap Top (Petite)
NIC+ZOE 'Marbled Stripe' Faux Wrap Top (Petite)Was: $128.00Now: $76.8040% OFF
NIC+ZOE Sheer Batiste Peplum Jacket (Petite)
NIC+ZOE Sheer Batiste Peplum Jacket (Petite)Was: $108.00Now: $64.8040% OFF

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