Anastasia Beverly Hills story.
In Hollywood, no one knows how to frame eyes better than definitive brow expert Anastasia Soare. Her technique and products help to create and maintain the ideal brow shape.

The Creator Behind the Brand

Anastasia Soare is highly regarded as Hollywood's go-to expert on balance, proportion and natural beauty through her use of innovative ingredients and techniques. Professional makeup artists, beauty editors and the biggest beauty bloggers look to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brand as the authority on brow and eye beauty. 
In 1997, Anastasia opened her first salon in Beverly Hills, which quickly became the premier beauty destination for supermodels and actresses alike. While growing her client base, Anastasia began to craft her own unique method of shaping eyebrows, different from any other technique in the field. Named the Golden Ratio®, it relies on the human eye's inclination to sense that objects in correct proportion are naturally beautiful. The method quickly became renowned for its transformative powers in enhancing the entire brow and eye area. In the years following, Anastasia went on to create the largest assortment of award-winning eyebrow products in today's market.

Anastasia's Story

Growing up in the culturally rich seaport of Constanta, Romania, Anastasia was exposed from an early age to the classic styles of Greek, Roman and Byzantine architecture. Working as an apprentice in her family's tailoring shop, Anastasia learned about the importance of proportion as it related to beauty and the human form. This apprenticeship propelled her forward into the study of engineering, architecture and drawing in college, where she eventually learned of the concept of the golden ratio and how it applied to nature and the human form. Focusing her interests on the world of beauty, Anastasia trained professionally as an aesthetician before moving her family to Los Angeles, where she began her now iconic business.