Annick Goutal


Annick Goutal came from a very different world. Her discovery of perfume was unpredictable, irresistible, love at first sight. The story of her success is, above all, a love story. Each of Annick's creations has a history. Each was a product of the rhythm of her life and actual experiences, which explains why each fragrance will remind you of something. The perfumes fulfill their true function, which is to serve as a vital guide leading us to our own hidden treasure of memories and emotions. 

Each Annick Goutal perfume embodies a moment of happiness. The following excerpt was written by Annick Goutal herself, describing her inspiration for the creation of Petite Chérie with her daughter Camille in mind. 

When she is sixteen, she dreams. 

When she is twenty, she shimmers. 

When she is thirty, she is on fire. 

Today, Camille Goutal has the same spirit as her mother. Camille has been an inspiration, along with Isabelle Doyan, the nose of the house, in creating the Soliflores Limited Edition of single-flower scents. One unique flower, loved, chosen, interpreted.