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About Fekkai

About Fekkai

Considered a style influencer and one of today's arbiters of taste, Frédéric Fekkai is one of the most celebrated names in beauty and hairstyling. A native of Aix-en-Provence, France, he moved to New York at 25 and quickly established a following for his clean, modern haircuts. Sought after by A-list clientele on both coasts, he opened his landmark salon in New York in 1996, with Beverly Hills and Palm Beach following shortly thereafter.

His creativity quickly expanded into the Fekkai beauty collection, where he applied his commonsense modern elegance beyond the salon. Never one to embrace fads, styling excesses or unnecessary products, his luxurious line is famous for delivering unmistakable results that live up to their promises.

Inspired by his homeland, Frédéric has said, "What's most natural is most beautiful." This philosophy comes to life in his simply efficacious, completely luxe Fekkai collection, made from the finest ingredients to create the best in hair and beauty.