About Go Smile

GO SMiLE, The Smile Beauty Company, has shed new light on teeth whitening. No longer an expensive dental treatment, GO SMiLE has made teeth whitening an affordable and luxurious in-home beauty ritual. Developed by a dentist, GO SMiLE offers an easy-to-use, effective way to achieve and maintain a white smile anytime, anywhere. 

Nothing dazzles like a sparkling white smile. In fact, it's often the first thing people notice about you. And since dull, discolored teeth are one of the first signs of aging, a beautiful smile will make you look and feel younger, sexier and more confident. 

You don't need to deal with messy, time-consuming and painful whitening strips and trays. The secret to a beautiful, hassle-free white smile is in GO SMiLE's exclusive Ampoule Technology Delivery System. GO SMiLE's proprietary ampoule gives you the flexibility to whiten whenever and wherever you want. The potent GO SMiLE whitening serum stays on your teeth and does all the work for you. You just Flip, Pop, and Whiten for two minutes twice a day—it's more like applying lip gloss than a dental treatment! 

Once you've whitened your teeth, don't let the light go out of your smile. With GO SMiLE, it's easy to maintain your white smile and avoid the frustration of getting new stains. Use Touch Up ampoules to instantly lift stains before they set and to polish teeth to a sparkling, brilliant finish. Then each day use the delicious aromatherapy-enriched toothpastes, which are specially formulated to polish off surface stains and help keep your smile white! 

GO SMiLE is your smile care solution at home or on the go. Because nothing is as beautiful as a radiant smile.