KENZO Parfums offers a distinct collection of timeless scents that emphasize authenticity, well-being and serenity. Combining Asian inspiration with French finesse, each scent focuses on luxury, creativity, design and quality. 

The visionary of KENZO Parfums, Kenzo Takada, was born in Himeji, Japan, and in 1970 opened his first boutique in Paris. With a certain joie de vivre, KENZO designs celebrate nature, diverse cultures and colors. With this same spirit and a global presence, KENZO Parfums was established in 1988 with the launch of KENZO ÇA SENT BEAU—a feminine floral scent with peach and ylang-ylang, inspired by the Japanese art of floral creations. ÇA SENT BEAU was met with immediate success and has been followed by many other original creations, each introducing a new perspective to the world of selective perfumery. 

In 2000, KENZO launched FLOWERBYKENZO, the first fragrance devoted to the poppy, a flower with no scent. This powdery floral fragrance blends rose, vanilla and violet and has become a timeless, classic scent. The transparent FLOWERBYKENZO bottle features a single red poppy blossoming in the city, representing the vital link between people and nature. 

With the worldwide success of FLOWERBYKENZO, KENZO introduced two other renditions. Created in 2003, FLOWERBYKENZO LE PARFUM mixes a soft floral oriental with an intensified blend of the original scent. And introduced in 2005, FLOWERBYKENZO ORIENTAL presents a spicier, more sensual scent with overtones of rare Japanese incense.

SUMMERBYKENZO marked the summer of 2005. This fresh fragrance blends ivy, citrus, mimosa, violet and almond milk to perfectly capture the scent of sun-kissed skin. 

In fall 2006, the brand introduced KENZOAMOUR, a new women's fragrance inspired by the vibrant colors and aromas of Asia and the story of a couple's slow and sensuous journey of love. A woody, musky, floral scent, KENZOAMOUR is reminiscent of travels through Asia with its blend of Indonesian frangipani blossom, Japanese cherry blossom, thanaka wood from Burma, vanilla of the island of Réunion and Chinese white tea.