About Theory

THEORY 1. a visionary concept 2. for the intelligent, modern and fashion-savvy woman 3. a phenomenon that spun out of great-fitting pants 4. made from the finest stretch fabrics 5. founded in New York City 6. with chic and luxurious new items this season

Theory was founded in 1997 on the principle that women wanted to feel comfortable and sexy in modern clothing. It was a principle that seemed obvious and yet was unrealized.

At the time of Theory's first line release, there were many fashion designers and contemporary clothing companies making either sleek pieces with clean silhouettes or comfortable separates at reasonable price points. But there were no fashion brands in America doing both.

Theory defined its customer as the intelligent, active and fashion-savvy woman. One who wanted quality and classic styles but also liked seasonal fashion trends and new, interesting fabrics. She wanted clothes to go with her to the office, with the family, on the weekend, out at night. She wanted clothing with a point of view. Theory created a collection that fused great separates with outfits that could be worked into any woman's existing wardrobe.

It was a much more modern approach to dressing, one that required modern fabrics. Theory seized the opportunity that was available and used technology to spin Lycra into other fabrics. Clothing with "stretch" has slimmer, more comfortable shapes and better definition to the silhouettes. Clothing could be worn from season to season, washed, dry cleaned and still wouldn't lose its shape.

Theory's focus has never been on advertising, marketing or brand-building. Except, of course, through its clothes. Ask a woman about her favorite black pants or the jacket she throws on over everything. She'll tell you, "It's Theory."