Active Product Features Glossary


Fabric treatment that reduces the growth of bacteria and fungus, preventing excessive odor buildup between washings.

bluesign® Standard

A comprehensive system covers all aspects of the textile industry to jointly reduce the environmental footprint and foster a healthy and responsible industry.

Breathable Mesh

Panels and insets that increase comfort and ventilation by allowing excess heat to escape from the garment.  

Compression Fabric

Performance-enhancing fabric with a tight fit that provides muscle support and fatigue reduction.  


Durable Water Repellent. A coating added to fabrics to repel external water sources.

Flat Lock Seams

Sewing technique that creates a perfectly flat seam to reduce chafing and increase seam strength.   

Four-Way Stretch

Knit or woven fabric offering multidirectional stretch in a wide range of motion. 


A diamond-shaped patch sewn into a garment's crotch designed to increase breathability and improve comfort.

Hidden Waistband Pocket

A small, concealed pocket perfect for cash or keys.  

Moisture Wicking

Performance fabric trait that improves comfort by drawing sweat away from the body and transferring it to the fabric's outer surface, where it can evaporate.   


A garment that includes light-reflecting trim to enhance visibility and safety at night or in low light.  

Removable Cups

Soft padded inserts that add shape or can be removed for comfort or extra room.  


Garments constructed without sewn seams to reduce irritation during vigorous activities and improve overall comfort against the skin.


Leakproof treatment that uses either seam tape or seam-sealing glue applied over stitching to keep out external water sources.


Slits in cuffs that prevent sleeves from riding up. Also can be used as a half-mitten to keep hands warm while freeing fingers for touchscreen and other devices.

Two-Way Zipper

Zipper construction that opens from both the top and bottom, offering versatile styling and comfort suitable for a wide range of activities.   


Ultraviolet protection factor. A measure of a garment's ability to protect skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. 


Garment made with performance fabric and sealed seams, rendering it completely impenetrable by external water sources.


Garment constructed to repel moderate exposure to external water sources.

Zipper Garage

Feature of construction designed to prevent zipper from rubbing and chafing the neck and chin.