Nordstrom Scholarship Program

An Investment In Education

An Investment In Education
After Yelena Gankin received word that she was one of the lucky recipients of a $10,000 Nordstrom Scholarship, she shared just how important the financial prize was for her next steps. "Thank you for believing in me, my dreams, values and goals for the future," said Gankin, a Lowell High School (San Francisco) student. "You truly are making an investment in my education and I am honored to know that you believe in me so much."

Helping students achieve their dreams of higher education is just one of the ways that Nordstrom gives back to the communities that support us. Since 1994, the company has awarded scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding community involvement and scholastic achievement. Gankin was one of 80 high school seniors selected to receive the annual Nordstrom Scholarship in 2012.

Giving back to the future

Scholarships and other financial support have become increasingly important and meaningful to students who are interested in pursuing post-high school learning opportunities. Educational funding continues to be a challenge for the families of high school students who are planning to go to college. In August 2012, Businessweek noted that college tuition and fees have increased more than 600% since 2000 – 1,120% since the 1970s.

Recognizing that the need for additional education assistance was becoming greater than ever, Nordstrom expanded its previously existing scholarship program in 2010 from providing 40 scholarships to providing 80. The scholarship was also opened up to students in every state where Nordstrom does business — now 31 states.

"This money truly means the difference between following my dreams at a university and having to stop short of my goals – I can't thank you enough for that," said Gankin.

Recognizing deserving students

High school juniors can apply for the scholarship by filling out an online application at nordstrom.com/scholarship. Finalists participate in an interview with a selection committee that includes educators, business leaders, community partners and Nordstrom representatives. Winners are notified the following fall when they receive a surprise visit at their school.

"Every year I look forward to helping with the Nordstrom Scholarship selection committee because I know I'm going to begin relationships with some wonderful and talented individuals," said Anita Crandall, Nordstrom regional Diversity Affairs director and regional committee lead. "I have had the pleasure of meeting some outstanding students who are all very deserving of this recognition. They will become great citizens of their communities and of the world – I look forward to watching what they will do in the future."

Achieving dreams

The student winners have big plans for their futures and many say the Nordstrom Scholarship is additional motivation for them to continue to follow through with achieving them.

"You have changed my life! I want to thank Nordstrom for caring about students like me and our education," said 2012 winner Bianca Valle, a Coronado High School (San Diego) student. "(After winning this scholarship) I promise, I will not let you down."

For more on the Nordstrom Scholarship visit nordstrom.com/scholarship.

An Investment In Education

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