Breast Prosthesis Fitting: Customer Testimonials

"We were shy to ask, but luckily we asked Larcenia for assistance. In a word, she was perfect. She knew just what to show us, demonstrated how they work and even thought of other needs we didn't know we had."

—Helena M.

"There are no words to express to you how I feel; I still have a new smile on my face. Thank you, thank you, for your calmness and sincere willingness to be at my side toward my newfound happiness."

—Nancy G.

"You should let the word out about your Prosthesis Department. I was not happy with my original store—took a shot in the dark that Nordstrom would provide this kind of service and have been so pleased. Thank you!"


"Tammy blessed us with her excellent expertise during a sensitive time in our lives. Her compassion toward us and our needs was above and beyond our expectations of customer service."

—Kristie S.

"Your fitters have always been kind and professional, but Tamara goes beyond all of that. Tamara made the day fun and easy. I was fitted quickly and professionally, and then she brought me a nice selection of bras to choose from."

—Evelyn S.

"Lynn was an excellent Fit Specialist. I feel whole again. She was very knowledgeable, professional and knows her products. She was great to work with."


Getting started and what to expect: