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Clarity refers to the amount, size, nature, position and color of a diamond’s natural birthmarks. Diamonds are looked at under 10X magnification and graded based on the visibility of internal inclusions and external blemishes. The standard grading scale ranges from flawless (FL) to imperfect (I3). Very few diamonds in the world are considered flawless; most have some type of inclusion or blemish.

Internally flawless. No inclusions visible under 10X magnification.
Very very slight inclusions that are extremely difficult to locate under 10X magnification.
Very slight inclusions that are minor and difficult to locate under 10X magnification.
Slight inclusions that are noticeable and relatively easy to locate under 10X magnification.
Inclusions are obvious under 10X magnification and are visible to the naked eye.

Important Note: The presence of slight inclusions and blemishes can lower the clarity grade and value of a diamond, but have little effect on the diamond’s beauty or durability.