Men's Dress Shoe Fit Guide

How to fit men's dress shoes.

You're spending good money—they should look and feel great.

5 rules for happy feet. 1: get measured once a year.

You may have stopped growing, but feet can continue to grow slightly over the years. Unless you have your own Brannock device (yes—that's what those measuring trays are called!), go to the shoe department to keep track of your size. It's important to measure both feet; your feet may be different sizes, and you should fit your shoes to the larger foot.

2: wear the right socks.

Because tube socks with dress shoes will never, ever be a thing, wear thin dress socks to try on shoes for a more accurate fit assessment.

3: let your fingers do the fitting.

You've most likely heard the (true) adage that you should be able to pinch a half inch between your toe and the front of your shoe. Take it a step further and test the back of the shoe by sliding your index finger between your heel and the end of the shoe. If your finger won't fit at all, go up a half size; if it slides in too easily, go down a half size.

4: go late in the day.

Feet tend to swell as the day goes on, so try on shoes in the late afternoon or evening to avoid dealing with pinched toes.

5: consider your options.

Not all dress shoes are created equally. Certain styles suit certain types of feet more comfortably, and there may be slight differences in some brands' sizing. Take the time to try on several styles in several sizes to find the best shoe for your feet—it's worth it.

Bottom line.

Formal, clean style with closed lacing. Fit should not be too tight (laces will gap if the shoe is too narrow for your foot) or too loose (eyelets and leather will overlap).

AKA the blucher; open-lace style offers you more flexibility with fit and adjustability.

Buckle closures allow more flexibility with fit in the width and the instep.

Laceless, slip-on style; offers limited flexibility with fit or adjustments.

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