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HUGO BOSS a Partner in Excellence

HUGO BOSS CEO Mark Brashear

In 1992, Nordstrom created the Partners in Excellence Award, which is presented annually to vendors who demonstrate a commitment to quality, value, service partnership and business ethics. HUGO BOSS, one of the 2011 recipients, not only shares Nordstrom's passion for style; they also share our belief in doing what's right for the environment.

"Working with our vendors and suppliers is an important part of our social responsibility efforts?we see a lot of value in partnering with others like HUGO BOSS to help drive change," said Linda Peffer, director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nordstrom. "HUGO BOSS is doing incredible work to reduce waste and establish initiatives to become even more environmentally friendly and having them partner with us along the way only helps us be even better stewards of our environment."

"HUGO BOSS is committed to improving efforts and developing innovative business solutions to environmental problems," said a HUGO BOSS spokesperson. "Waste reduction and energy efficiency programs have been identified and implemented across the supply chain. The shared objectives are to reduce and minimize the impact of our business on the environment.""HUGO BOSS is doing incredible work to reduce waste and establish initiatives to become even more environmentally friendly." —Linda Peffer, director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Nordstrom

For example, most recently, the following initiatives have led to significant results in the HUGO BOSS Savannah Distribution Center:


  • Inbound cartons provided by suppliers are recycled to ship merchandise to company owned stores. This procedure generated a 35 percent decrease in new corrugation needed for outbound shipments.
  • All excess corrugation is compacted and baled. Full trailer loads are picked up at the facility by recycling companies.
  • Excess hangers are sent to receiving and production where they are recycled to hang inbound units.

Energy consumption

  • Motion detectors were installed in all distribution center lighting to reduce electricity output. Lights are only activated when there is employee movement in the storage area.
  • In addition, HUGO BOSS is currently assessing opportunities in renewable energy development and energy efficiency in its distribution center. Efforts will be geared toward solar energy solutions.

The company's efforts align with work that Nordstrom already has underway. In 2011 the company has kicked off a program focused on working with vendors, including HUGO BOSS, to look for ways to further reduce packaging waste. "We see product packaging reduction as a significant opportunity to help reduce our environmental impact," said Linda. "We're excited to have HUGO BOSS on board and we can't wait to see the results."

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