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Women's Jewelry

Make it your own. Delicate rings and earrings for layering.

Create your own custom look with delicate jewelry made for layering.

The charmed life. Charm necklaces.


Women's Jewelry

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Topshop Faux Leather Choker 2-Pack
New MarkdownTopshop Faux Leather Choker 2-PackWas: $15.00Now: $7.4950% OFF
Topshop Green Rhinestone Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Green Rhinestone NecklaceWas: $15.00Now: $7.4950% OFF
Topshop Navette Crystal Velvet Choker
New MarkdownTopshop Navette Crystal Velvet ChokerWas: $18.00Now: $8.9850% OFF
Topshop Sparkling Wristwear (3-Pack)
New MarkdownTopshop Sparkling Wristwear (3-Pack)Was: $18.00Now: $8.9850% OFF
Topshop Domed Stone Ring
New MarkdownTopshop Domed Stone RingWas: $18.00Now: $8.9850% OFF
Topshop Charm Necklace (3-Pack)
New MarkdownTopshop Charm Necklace (3-Pack)Was: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Glitter Tube Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Glitter Tube Collar NecklaceWas: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Crystal Rhinestone Choker
New MarkdownTopshop Crystal Rhinestone ChokerWas: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Rhinestone Mesh Choker
New MarkdownTopshop Rhinestone Mesh ChokerWas: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Rhinestone Ring (Set of 3)
New MarkdownTopshop Rhinestone Ring (Set of 3)Was: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Teardrop Bib Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Teardrop Bib NecklaceWas: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Beaded Stretch Bracelets (9-Pack)
New MarkdownTopshop Beaded Stretch Bracelets (9-Pack)Was: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Rhinestone Cluster Ring
New MarkdownTopshop Rhinestone Cluster RingWas: $22.00Now: $10.9750% OFF
Topshop Engraved Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Engraved Collar NecklaceWas: $25.00Now: $11.9750% OFF
Topshop Spiral Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Spiral Collar NecklaceWas: $28.00Now: $13.9750% OFF
Topshop Teardrop Choker
New MarkdownTopshop Teardrop ChokerWas: $28.00Now: $13.9750% OFF
Topshop Assorted Bangles (Set of 10)
New MarkdownTopshop Assorted Bangles (Set of 10)Was: $28.00Now: $13.9750% OFF
Topshop Triple Row Mesh Choker
New MarkdownTopshop Triple Row Mesh ChokerWas: $28.00Now: $13.9750% OFF
Topshop Leather Cuff
New MarkdownTopshop Leather CuffWas: $28.00Now: $13.97 - $13.9850% OFF
Topshop Imitation Pearl Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Imitation Pearl NecklaceWas: $28.00Now: $13.9750% OFF
Topshop Rhinestone Body Chain
New MarkdownTopshop Rhinestone Body ChainWas: $28.00Now: $13.9750% OFF
Topshop Stone Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Stone Collar NecklaceWas: $30.00Now: $14.9750% OFF
Topshop Assorted Choker & Necklace Set
New MarkdownTopshop Assorted Choker & Necklace SetWas: $30.00Now: $14.9750% OFF
Topshop Navette Flower Bracelet
New MarkdownTopshop Navette Flower BraceletWas: $30.00Now: $14.9750% OFF
Topshop Floral Drop Cord Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Floral Drop Cord Collar NecklaceWas: $30.00Now: $14.9750% OFF
Topshop Cross & Turquoise Stone Charm Necklaces
New MarkdownTopshop Cross & Turquoise Stone Charm NecklacesWas: $30.00Now: $14.9750% OFF
Topshop Rope Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Rope Collar NecklaceWas: $30.00Now: $14.9750% OFF
Topshop Draped Bead Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Draped Bead Collar NecklaceWas: $30.00Now: $14.9850% OFF
Topshop Rhinestone Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Rhinestone Collar NecklaceWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Plaited Rhinestone Collar
New MarkdownTopshop Plaited Rhinestone CollarWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Charm Neckwear Pack
New MarkdownTopshop Charm Neckwear PackWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Bead Link Statement Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Bead Link Statement NecklaceWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Stone Flower Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Stone Flower Collar NecklaceWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Rhinestone Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Rhinestone Collar NecklaceWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Spike Flower Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Spike Flower NecklaceWas: $35.00Now: $16.9750% OFF
Topshop Crystallized Rings (Set of 3)
New MarkdownTopshop Crystallized Rings (Set of 3)Was: $40.00Now: $19.9750% OFF
Topshop Glitter Band Rings (3-Pack)
New MarkdownTopshop Glitter Band Rings (3-Pack)Was: $40.00Now: $19.9750% OFF
Topshop Chain Link Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Chain Link Collar NecklaceWas: $45.00Now: $20.9750% OFF
Topshop Chain & Tassel Necklaces (Set of 3)
New MarkdownTopshop Chain & Tassel Necklaces (Set of 3)Was: $50.00Now: $23.9750% OFF
Topshop Faceted Stone Collar Necklace
New MarkdownTopshop Faceted Stone Collar NecklaceWas: $60.00Now: $28.9750% OFF
Kendra Scott 'Cassie' Stone Line Bracelet
New MarkdownKendra Scott 'Cassie' Stone Line BraceletWas: $150.00Now: $100.4933% OFF
Kendra Scott 'Harlow' Frontal Necklace
New MarkdownKendra Scott 'Harlow' Frontal NecklaceWas: $195.00Now: $130.6533% OFF
kate spade new york 'vegas jewels' multistrand bracelet
New Markdownkate spade new york 'vegas jewels' multistrand braceletWas: $228.00Now: $152.7633% OFF
kate spade new york 'vegas jewels' multistrand necklace
New Markdownkate spade new york 'vegas jewels' multistrand necklaceWas: $398.00Now: $266.6633% OFF
Nordstrom Frontal Necklace
Nordstrom Frontal NecklaceWas: $38.00Now: $9.9770% OFF
Melinda Maria Pendant Necklace
Melinda Maria Pendant NecklaceWas: $68.00Now: $40.8040% OFF
Melinda Maria Linear Earrings
Melinda Maria Linear EarringsWas: $68.00Now: $40.8040% OFF
Argento Vivo Beaded Link Necklace
Argento Vivo Beaded Link NecklaceWas: $68.00Now: $40.8040% OFF
Alexis Bittar 'Lucite®' Skinny Tapered Bangle
Alexis Bittar 'Lucite®' Skinny Tapered BangleWas: $70.00Now: $41.9840% OFF
Nadri Boxed Pendant Necklace
Nadri Boxed Pendant NecklaceWas: $65.00Now: $43.5533% OFF

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