Men's Style Profile Videos

Nordstrom style profile videos.

Style goes beyond what's in your closet—it's what you do, what you care about, how you live. Here, four extraordinary men take a break from their busy lives to chat with us about their thoughts on the subject.

"When designing men's clothes, you typically don't want to step too far out of the box. So it's about finding that balance, putting the right amount of detail into something without over-detailing it."

Billy is wearing Billy Reid.

"Denim in menswear is definitely evolving a lot because the male consumer is becoming more and more sophisticated. And we all have friends that nerd out on men's fashion—denim, sneakers, whatever."

Sam is wearing AG.  

"The word 'stage' doesn't mean dress code, it doesn't mean suit and tie. It means what you're trying to portray to the audience—what story you're trying to tell. And I'm just dressing my story."

Robert is wearing a BLK DNM leather jacket.

"A dinner party isn't just about making great food—it's also about what goes on the plate, what goes in the glass, what the napkin is like. God's in the details, so that's the deal."

Donnie is wearing a Todd Snyder suit.