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Rachel Evans started MINKPINK in 2005 for fashion-loving girls who didn't want to break the bank on their closet. Since then, the brand has grown like crazy and includes a design team of six talented ladies who kindly agreed to answer our questions.

The MINKPINK design team is based in Sydney, Australia. What's the best thing about living Down Under? Also, is it annoying when non-Aussies say "Down Under"?
The beaches and the laid-back, anything-goes mentality rock. We can have a crazy-intense day of design and creativity and run down to the beach after work—it's a pretty nice balance! And "Down Under" is fine by us; it's only a bit weird because no one here actually says that!

Who is the MINKPINK girl?
Our girl is fun, unpredictable and sets her own trends. She mixes things up in her own way. We've got a great design team who pretty much cover every personality, be it pretty, grungy, psychedelic or folk, and we like to mash styles and dress for our many varied personalities, but we do it all with a MINKPINK twist.

There's a bunch of cool '90s icons on your Pinterest. What (or who) is really inspiring the team right now?
MINKPINK has always had a strong '90s bent. We have a longtime girl crush on Winona and Drew, so you’ll always find a grungy tea dress in our ranges. And our favorite night in is watching '90s flicks Empire Records and Clueless with sweet treats!

With six people on the team, what's the design process like? Is it collaborative from start to finish, or do certain people have specific things they work on?
It starts out as creative chaos, as we have one passionate (and vocal!) design team! And from that our trends emerge, and we all bounce ideas off each other—it's a constant learning curve. We design to our strengths and personalities and always leave the design meetings bouncing off the walls.

We get the feeling you guys like to have fun—what's the favorite out-of-the-office thing to do?
We love a drink and a dance, and it usually gets out of order pretty quickly! A bar always knows when the MINKPINK girls are in their establishment! Our next design outing is to lawn bowls!

Here's a random one: Should the scrunchie make a comeback?
Totally! Perfect way to up-cycle your scraps of fabric!

Please vote: Who's the coolest Spice Girl?
We always joke the MINKPINK team is the design equivalent of the Spice Girls, as we are all such different personalities that, between us, we cover all facets of our MINKPINK customer.


Our Spice Girl doppelgängers are:
Posh Spice: a tie between Sara and Olivia
Baby Spice: Jodie
Ginger Spice: Kara 
Scary Spice: Dani
Sporty Spice: Kali

Is there an office-party jam—one all the designers love to shake it to?
It would have to be "Stop"...or anything that our resident DJ Kara is playing at full belt in the office!

Is there a story behind the MINKPINK logo?
I think that's for our director Rachel to know and us to only guess at—she's big into numerology, so there's some secret meanings embedded in there somewhere....

And...lightning round! 
Fishtail braid or high pony?
Dani: Neither. (I'm growing out my undercut and can't do either, ha!)

Daisies or paisley?
Jodie: Paisley (loving bandanas)!
Kali: Daisies = war!

Karaoke or dance party?
Olivia: Dance party!

Koalas or pandas?
Kara: Care Bears!

Dylan McKay or Brandon Walsh?
Sara: Brandon, but Dylan for his car!


You know that girl who always seems to be having the best time ever? That's the MINKPINK girl. Whether she's lighting up a party or road-tripping with buddies, the MINKPINK girl always looks cool in '90s-inspired styles that don't cost a ton of money.