Animal Welfare

Our Focus on Products & Partners


Nordstrom is committed to ensuring that fair and humane animal-welfare practices are considered and incorporated where possible across all areas of our business. Through our Partnership Guidelines and other specific guidelines related to testing, sourcing and the merchandise we offer, we are working to address the treatment of animals in a variety of ways.

Food & Beverage

Humanely raised food tastes better

In our Restaurants division, we have made great strides to ensure that we consider how animals are handled as part of our food selection process. We believe all animals should be treated humanely, and we strive to communicate this message to farmers and manufacturers through the ingredients we choose to purchase. We believe humanely raised food tastes better, and we believe our customers think so too. As a result, our restaurants:

  • Only offer cage-free and organic eggs
  • Source from suppliers who use the most humane processing methods commercially available, such as controlled atmosphere killing (CAK) of turkeys, which is considered the most cruelty-free poultry processing method
  • Use gestation-crate-free pork, where available
  • Use wild shrimp exclusively, wild salmon where available and consider the Seafood Watch list to do our best to provide only sustainable seafood options
  • Do not use liquid dairy products produced with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) where available.

Fur Guidelines

Our fur requirements

We realize our customers have different opinions on the subject of offering fur. We try to maintain a balance of providing our customers with products they want, while at the same time considering other customers' sensitivities. Though we continue to offer some fur products, we have set specific guidelines around fur products and have taken steps to implement these guidelines across our product offerings. This has included:

  • Removing fur salons from our stores in 1991
  • Eliminating the use of fur in our Nordstrom private-label brands
  • Deciding to no longer buy or sell items that use Asiatic raccoon (also known as raccoon dog)
  • Requiring all vendors to adhere to labeling guidelines that go above what is required by law, appropriately labeling all real and faux fur

Our team and vendors receive ongoing education on our fur requirements. We also have a quality assurance process in place that helps us to confirm, among other things, fur type and proper labeling. Our goal is to ensure that our customers, regardless of their position on this subject, have all the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision.


Animal-free testing

We do not test our own Nordstrom private-label cosmetic products on animals, nor do any of the manufacturers that produce our Nordstrom private-label products. Nordstrom natural-hair cosmetics brushes use goat and pony hair, but do not harm animals in the manufacturing process. For customers who prefer not to use animal-hair cosmetics brushes, we offer a range of high-quality synthetic brushes. For more information about Nordstrom brand cosmetics, please call 1.800.7beauty or visit

Though we strive to do business with outside vendors who use fair and humane animal-welfare practices, we cannot speak to the practices of every one of them. For specific questions about other cosmetics brands and whether or not they use animals for testing, we suggest that you contact the manufacturer directly.

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