Eco-Friendly Products

Our Focus on Products And Partners


Many of our customers have told us they want more products and packaging that are environmentally friendly, sustainable or made with organic materials. We continually look for new ways to meet these requests and have also made great strides in offering these types of innovative products through our Nordstrom Product Group.

Responsible Brands

Environmentally friendly apparel, shoes and accessories

We offer environmentally friendly apparel, shoes and accessories at our Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores. It's also easy to find these products online—typing "eco-friendly" or "sustainable" into the search box at brings up a cross-section of options.

As a company, we have chosen to promote the use of organic cotton. It has a direct connection to our business, and we believe it's an area where we can make a meaningful impact. Several of our private-label brands use organic cotton, including Stem, Zella, and Holistia. Our Nordstrom layette, infant and bedding products are also made with organic cotton.

Additionally, we carry a number of items made with organic cotton from vendors such as John Patrick, Edun, Eileen Fisher, and Viridis Luxe. We also carry goods made with other materials that are better for the planet—like cosmetics and beauty products that contain organic ingredients, jewelry crafted with organic and recycled materials, and shoes made with recycled rubber. To see a selection of eco-conscious styles, click on the links below.

Reusable Tote

Reducing waste streams with style

Following the introduction of our first reusable shopping tote in 2008, we launched our second reusable fashion tote made of recycled plastic water bottles in spring 2009. The tote is offered in the latest color trends, folds into a compact pouch and can hold two shoe boxes when fully expanded. We chose to produce a bag made from recycled plastic water bottles because we knew that our customers were looking for these kinds of alternatives and that it would also help us reduce a significant waste stream—roughly eight of every 10 plastic water bottles end up in a landfill, and Americans purchase an estimated 28 million of them annually. The bag also features organic ink and a one-of-a-kind illustration of a tree by artist Ruben Toledo. It is available at Nordstrom stores nationwide and online at Purchase the tote.

Our Restaurants

Ways we're shrinking our restaurants' environmental impact

Our restaurant division is doing its part to find new and innovative ways to reduce the impact of waste. For example, we have transitioned to to-go cups called the EcoTainer. The EcoTainer has a similar design to the old cups found in our restaurants, but is made in a way that uses less energy during production. We also use other products in our restaurants that help minimize environment impacts, such as compostable straws and to-go bags. Learn more about our restaurants.

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