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Manufacturer Spotlight: Casual Center

Manufacturer Spotlight: Casual Center
At Nordstrom, we look to partner with vendors that share our commitment to producing quality products and see ethical business practices as an important factor in their approach to business. This philosophy holds true across borders and merchandise and includes the manufacturers that produce our Nordstrom private-label products.

One such vendor example is Casual Center, a Hong Kong-based manufacturer with three factories in China that produces our Classiques, Leith and Halogen private-label brands. For more than 25 years, Nordstrom and Casual Center have been working together to deliver modern, versatile styles to our customers.

"Casual Center's commitment to excellence is not just for production; it extends to their customers, employees and the environment as well." —Fachon Perry, Nordstrom Product Group social responsibility program manager"Casual Center mirrors many Nordstrom values such as our commitment to customer service and quality products," said Fachon Perry, social responsibility program manager for Nordstrom Product Group.

The basis of our strong, long-term relationship is communication and cooperation, with an emphasis on continuous improvement in labor rights and sustainability initiatives.

"Casual Center is doing a number of things to improve its business practices while continuing to meet increasing customer demand for compelling fashion," Fachon said.

Worker Well-Being and Environmental Stewardship

Casual Center also upholds the Nordstrom Partnership Guidelines—which outline our expectations for employment practices, workers' rights, environmental standards and work environments for our manufacturers—through their various supply chain programs focused on factory worker well-being and environmental stewardship.

For example, Casual Center is one of multiple factories that participates in HERproject, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness about reproductive health and hygiene for female factory workers. They also participate in one of our Professional Development initiatives that puts factory workers in touch with basic professional skills, such as time management and navigating different communication styles.

The factory also has a number of sustainability programs in place. One of those is its SmartDorm program. The SmartDorm program focuses on increasing recycling activity and lessening electricity and water usage in the factory dormitory. Additionally, the factory holds a sustainable design competition, which is a program that recognizes one factory worker for creating the best product using scrap materials.

"The guideline for the competition is that everything can be reused," Fachon said. "Everyone is encouraged to be creative—it's about being fun, whimsical and reusing materials. Creations from the competition have included everything from a pig made from a recycled water bottle to a lantern built out of cassette tapes."

"We are fortunate to work with such a dedicated supplier as Casual Center," said Fachon. "Their commitment to excellence is not just for production; it extends to their customers, employees and the environment as well."

Manufacturer Spotlight: Casual Center

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