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Our Focus on Sustaining the Environment

Our Restaurants
and Coffee Bars

Through our social responsibility efforts, we offer quality foods and beverages from sustainable sources in our restaurants and coffee bars. We take pride in providing fresh, delicious options while partnering with vendors that produce healthy foods. Sharing information about what we serve helps our customers make wise choices. And after customers leave our restaurants, we also work to manage the waste that remains from our food-service operations in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Organic and Sustainable

Offering our customers the choices they want

Just as we strive to provide sustainably produced apparel and goods in our stores, we are equally committed to offering sustainably produced foods and beverages in our restaurants and coffee bars. We know our customers—just like us—want food choices that are the result of environmentally and socially responsible practices.

  • From a fresh mix of baby lettuce, spinach and arugula to vine-ripened tomatoes, we source local and organic market produce whenever possible. This supports local farmers and minimizes greenhouse-gas emissions during transport from farm to table, and provides our customers with the freshest choices.
  • All of our eggs are cage free and organic.
  • When possible, we are committed to sourcing from suppliers who use the most humane processing methods commercially available. As of October 2010, all the turkey we use comes from suppliers utilizing CAK—considered the most animal-friendly poultry processing method.
  • We offer organic iced tea, and our specialty coffee bars offer fair-trade coffee that is also organic.

Waste Reduction

Environmental responsibility through menus, cups and recycling

The packaging we use and the way we manage waste from our restaurants and coffee bars are as important as the food itself. We continually seek more environmentally responsible packaging, along with new ways to reduce the amount of packaging we use in our restaurants and coffee bars.

  • All menus and other printed materials in our restaurants and coffee bars contain a minimum of 30% post-consumer waste.
  • We've transitioned to an environmentally friendly disposable cup called the EcoTainer.
  • An organic recycling program in our restaurants—where local composting facilities exist—helps us convert waste to compost, resulting in nutrient-rich, contaminant-free soil.

Learn more about recycling and waste management at Nordstrom.

Healthy Choices

Doing more to offer nutritious and delicious options

Just as we aspire to offer food and beverages that are better for the planet, we also work hard to provide customers with choices that are better for their health. We search for food products without unhealthy additives, and strive to provide nutritious, delicious options for Nordstrom shoppers.

  • We do not use liquid dairy products produced with bovine growth hormone (rBGH).*
  • We have eliminated hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and oils—the root source of unhealthy trans fats—from all menu options. We support the federal government's standards for food-content reporting, but our goal is to share even more information with our customers about the foods we offer whenever possible.
  • Pamphlets with nutritional information for all of our menu items are available in every restaurant and specialty coffee bar in our company.
  • *Except in Hawaii

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