Nordstrom Cares.
Leave it better than we found it.

We work hard to be a company that our employees and our customers can be proud of. For us, that means doing our best to support the many people and communities we serve. It also means respecting the environment by reducing our impact and conserving resources where we can. We strive to make people feel good and show that Nordstrom is a company that cares.

Nordstrom Cares.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Two of our Nordstrom Rack stores were recently outfitted with solar panels, which will enable them to reduce their dependency on other energy sources.

Urban Freight Lab

Through the University of Washington Urban Freight Lab, we’re partnering to improve speed and efficiency for our deliveries, while also reducing truck emissions.

No Child Sleeps Outside

We partnered with a number of local businesses and the nonprofit Mary’s Place to help provide warm, safe homes for Seattle families in need.

Our Pillars.

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Reporting our progress
Reporting our progress