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Resource Conservation

Nordstrom Racks Elevate Eco Standards

Nordstrom Racks Elevate Eco Standards
Every time we build a new Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack store, we have the opportunity to improve on the groundwork we've laid so far. Not only do we strive to make each store more inviting and easier to shop, but we also work to preserve and sustain our natural resources during the construction process.

"We're committed to making these stores as efficient as they can possibly be," said Jim Carpenter, Store Planning project manager for Nordstrom Rack stores and remodels. "Our efforts to conserve natural resources are important to both Nordstrom and the environment. By being more energy and material efficient, we're lowering costs that directly or indirectly benefit our customers and shareholders while also doing the responsible thing for the environment.""We're committed to making our Rack stores as efficient as they can possibly be." —Jim Carpenter, Nordstrom Rack Store Planning

Technology creates efficiency

Rather than focus on being certified by a particular group, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Nordstrom has instead focused on trying to be as environmentally friendly in its design and construction as possible. "We know our buildings are often very capable of being certified," said Jim. "Our focus, though, is just on doing the right thing."

Jim added that we typically build Rack stores within existing structures, which can limit the number of sustainable building options that might otherwise come with new store construction. However, new and changing technology still offers each new Rack an opportunity to be more efficient during construction, especially in the areas of heating, air conditioning and lighting.

"Our Operations teams across the country can now monitor any store's heating and cooling activity and performance in real time," said Jim. "We're also incorporating more energy-efficient LED lighting wherever possible. We're trying to embrace that technology as quickly as possible, while still maintaining our high lighting standards."

An eco-experience

The ultimate filter for every energy-efficient change at our Nordstrom Rack stores is preserving the quality of the customer's shopping experience.

"We're very sensitive to making sure our employees can do their job and customers can navigate our stores safely," said Jim. "We want to conserve energy while maintaining a comfortable shopping environment with safe access for everyone at all times in all weather. We're also sensitive to the materials we utilize in the construction of our new stores and remodels. We make sure none of the materials ? such as paints and glues used to install carpets ? are releasing toxins into the environment."

Multiply the savings

We'll have opened 100 Nordstrom Rack stores across the country in September, so every bit of energy conserved and material recycled makes a quantum difference. Our Store Planning and Operations groups work in tandem to maximize efficiencies in both new and existing stores.

Whether it's installing a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system in a new store or adding glass films or blinds (both shown below) to make an existing store more energy efficient, the Nordstrom Rack is getting greener. That's good news for our employees, our customers and our planet.

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Nordstrom Racks Elevate Eco Standards

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