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Accentuate the Positive

"My fiancé and I have lost weight and we needed a new wardrobe. [Our Personal Stylist] helped us fit our new figures and meet all our shopping needs."

A Seamless Experience

"[My Personal Stylist and I] had communicated by e-mail, with my using examples from your catalog to demonstrate my preferences. She had a rack of selections ready and waiting in the Encore department. The experience was seamless."

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Time is Money

"My time is limited and my purchases have to be smart and functional. My Personal Stylist is patient, knowledgeable, honest and fair."

Let Us Do the Work

"I'm intimidated by the task of assembling stylish outfits from several departments on different floors, so I liked staying in one spot and having someone else go get everything."

Let's Have Some Fun

"Just from a brief phone call [with a Personal Stylist], she was able to pull a huge assortment of clothes, shoes and accessories…80% of it was a perfect match! Thank you for making shopping fun!"

Partners in Crime

"[My Personal Stylist] provides the most stellar service that always exceeds my expectations—offering perfect matches with ties and pocket squares, texting me about sales or new pieces he knows I can't live without...just the perfect mix of suggestions and working together."