About RéVive® Skincare


Noted plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown has always believed that women should and can look their best when they have the glow of healthy skin akin to when they were younger. He has spent the better part of his career using his skills as a plastic surgeon to help women regain the confidence that comes from looking their best.

Despite a thriving practice, Dr. Brown grew frustrated with the limits of plastic surgery. Dr. Brown realized that he could achieve success surgically, but only to a point, because even after surgery skin can still look lackluster. "You can get rid of the turkey gobbler or take out the bags, but surgery cannot give you the healthy, vibrant skin you had in your twenties," says Dr. Brown.

After 20 years as a Harvard- and Emory-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he was not willing to join the pack of plastic surgeons performing increasingly extreme facelifts at their patients' request, because he knew this wasn't the solution.

Convinced that there was a better way, Dr. Brown established a research laboratory to conduct a $2 million study on healing severe burns. In his research, he discovered that when a bioengineered molecule called EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) was applied to burns and wounds, the healing process was dramatically accelerated. The defining moment came when Dr. Brown discovered that the EGF molecule was the same molecule that regenerated aging skin. He was convinced that the only way women could get what they really wanted (the healthy skin of their youth) was at the molecular level with EGF.

Dr. Brown was immediately inspired to set up a clinical laboratory within the research unit to validate his findings and to pioneer a face cream with the "youth molecule" EGF. Although the scientist that led the discovery of EGF won a Nobel Prize in 1986 for his work, Dr. Brown was the first in his profession to apply the bioengineered version of EGF into skincare. His findings were published in the New England Journal of Medicine (1989), and he was granted a U.S. cosmetic patent for EGF to be used in skincare products (1994). Through perseverance, Dr. Brown realized his dream and launched RéVive to the public in 1997.

The pioneering product that started the RéVive revolution began with Dr. Brown's first and still most popular product—RéVive Moisturizing Renewal Cream. This powerful, perfecting cream works quickly, stimulating the legendary RéVive glow.

The creation of RéVive is revered today as the gold standard of haute couture skincare and rigorous scientific exploration. Since the original face cream was launched, Dr. Brown has continued to pioneer the use of bioengineered growth factors in skincare. Today, the RéVive family of products utilizes the latest technologies and continues to set new standards for products that produce small miracles.