Nordstrom Rewards: the best days to splurge in 2016, available to levels 1, 2, 3 and 4.
Nordstrom Rewards: 2016 Bonus Points Events

May 4-8, Triple Points

Nordstrom,, Nordstrom Rack,, HauteLook

September 21-25, Triple Points

Nordstrom,, Nordstrom Rack,, HauteLook

Nordstrom Rewards: Choose Your Own Days.

Personal Triple Points Day

Nordstrom,, Nordstrom Rack,, HauteLook

Earn points toward Nordstrom Notes three times as fast for all your net Nordstrom credit and debit card purchases—at all Nordstrom locations, on any day you choose.*

    Level 1: One day

    Level 2: Two days

    Level 3: Three days

    Level 4: Four days

Schedule online during Checkout or in store with your favorite salesperson. To schedule online, you must be signed in to your account and have your Nordstrom credit or debit card saved as a method of payment. At this time, you cannot schedule a Personal Triple Points Day at Checkout on or HauteLook.

*Bonus points opportunities apply to net Nordstrom purchases on a Nordstrom credit or debit card. Please note that rewards points are capped at 10 points per net dollar. The number of Personal Triple Points Days increases at each rewards level but is not cumulative. Periodically we may offer you opportunities to earn bonus points on your Nordstrom purchases. You cannot combine a Personal Triple Points Day with a bonus points event. This means if you schedule your Personal Triple Points Day during a bonus points event, you will receive the amount of the bonus points in lieu of the triple points. Personal Triple Points and bonus points do not apply to Last Chance purchases. Christian Louboutin purchases at our Michigan Avenue and Vancouver, B.C. stores and any Louis Vuitton purchases will receive double points in lieu of triple points or any other bonus points multiplier.

Restrictions apply. For complete details, see the Nordstrom Rewards Terms & Conditions.