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Our Restaurants and Coffee Bars

Serving Up Sustainable Options

Serving Up Sustainable Options

From prep cooks to chefs, the talented people working in Nordstrom's restaurant kitchens or in the coffee bars found in our stores are committed to offering memorable meals and dining experiences that make a positive impact on our customers and on our planet.

We offer quality foods and beverages, taking pride in providing fresh, delicious and healthy options for our customers to enjoy. And after customers leave our restaurants, we also work to manage the waste that remains from our food-service operations in the most environmentally responsible manner possible.

Locally grown and deliciously fresh
Every muffin, salad, soup and main dish available in our restaurants starts with exceptional ingredients. "We specify organic whenever possible," said Vincent Rossetti, Nordstrom's national director of restaurants. "All our restaurants' baby lettuce, spinach, arugula and tomatoes are organic. Milk and other dairy products are free of rBGH growth hormones, and our organic eggs come from cage-free chickens."

Using organic ingredients helps our cooking staff prepare dishes rich in both flavor and nutritional value. Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats and oils—which can contribute to heart disease—have been eliminated from our menus. Our specialty coffee bars brew a line of fair-trade coffee, which is also organic. Because we believe local farms are often the best source for fresh, healthy ingredients, we source our foods as close to home as possible. "We work with local vendors throughout the country who use sustainable growing practices," said Vincent.

New England is a great example of one region committed to local sourcing. Our chefs use shellfish from Cape Cod, scallops from Nantucket and clams from Ipswich to prepare menu items with fresh seafood for our customers. We count on area farmers to deliver locally grown shiitake mushrooms, micro greens, asparagus and seasonal produce throughout the year. Chicken dishes are made with minimally processed poultry from birds that have been naturally raised at a local farm on an all-vegetarian diet.

Sustainable packaging
Our team is also working hard to offer customers environmentally responsible packaging options. According to John Clem, vice president of Nordstrom's restaurant division, the paper cups are recyclable and 100 percent compostable. In addition, the "hot bands" are made of 100 percent recycled materials. "We've rolled out a recycling program for paper, plastic and glass in many of our stores already," said John. "Finding the right cup that can be recycled or composted has been challenging, but it's a choice we are committed to since we go through so many cups."

We've made strides in our restaurants and coffee bars transitioning to recyclable napkins that are dye-free and bleach-free. Looking ahead, we will soon be introducing straws and containers made from recyclable and compostable materials. "We believe these changes are important to our customers and to our employees," said John. "Ultimately they will benefit this whole big sphere we all live on."

Serving Up Sustainable Options

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