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Sharing Our Progress

Sharing Our Progress

At Nordstrom, we strive to be an ethical company where people want to work and shop. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs are our way of working toward this goal. We have focused our CSR efforts on four different areas, or pillars, as we call them: Our People, The Environment, Community Support and Human Rights. As a company, we want to be able to demonstrate real progress in these areas, which is why we have set long-term goals for ourselves. At the same time, we are tracking annual milestones, all with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement.

An Annual Benchmark

We monitor progress across each of our four pillars throughout the Nordstrom fiscal year and compile an annual report, the Sharing Our Progress report, which summarizes the year's performance. We released the latest report in June 2013.

"Sharing Our Progress is an important yearly benchmark for our social responsibility programs," said Linda Peffer, director of Corporate Social Responsibility. "We use it to not only measure our current results but also to help guide our programs, areas of focus and priorities going forward."

Some of our highlights from the year include:

  • Recycling: We made additional progress toward our goal of reducing total waste sent to landfills and/or incinerators by recycling more than 86 percent of our total waste.
  • Transportation: We had great results in this area. The average MPG for store and over-the-road deliveries was 7.52, surpassing our target for the year of 7.3.
  • Human Rights: We monitored 100 percent of the factories in the 37 countries where we did NPG business in 2012. Additionally, we helped 13 factories participate in worker empowerment activities.
  • Community Support: We made contributions to 344 organizations across the country, and with our employees, we pledged $9.33 million to local United Way chapters.
Looking Forward

Though we were pleased with our efforts in 2012, we know that there is always room to improve. This report helped us identify the areas that will be of greater focus in 2013, including:

  • Recycling: We think that one of our biggest opportunities in this area lies in organic recycling; waste from our restaurants and specialty coffee bars. We're also focused on increasing recycling efforts in our construction projects—both by using more recycled materials and building with less waste.
  • Paper and Packaging: From serving customers in our stores to shipping to them at their homes, we're taking a closer look at how we can reduce and improve our packaging. Employees and customers have told us this is important to them, so we're working hard to find ways to improve in this area.
  • Natural and Organic Food Offerings: We plan to use 2013 as a year of measurement to set new baselines and goals when it comes to reducing food waste; providing more robust and meaningful nutritional data to our teams and customers; and increasing the amount of local, sustainable and organic food we offer.
  • Human Rights: We added new measurements to our 2012 report and will use it as a baseline to measure progress in 2013. We're looking to increase the number of factories that meet our "Acceptable" and "Needs Improvement" categories (lower risk) and decrease the number of factories in our "At-Risk" and "Non-Compliant" categories.
Following Through

"Reporting on what we've accomplished during the year, and where we need to be better, is an important part of transparency and accountability," continued Peffer. "We want to do our best to follow through with our commitments that we've made to our people, the environment, our communities and factory workers, and be held responsible to report out where we've come is crucial to our continued progress."

The full 2012 Sharing Our Progress report can be found on the Nordstrom Cares website. If you have any questions or feedback about the report, please e-mail csr@nordstrom.com. We appreciate your interest.

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