Social Media Employee Guidelines

We encourage approved employees to use social networking/media (Twitter, Facebook,, etc.) as a way to connect with customers and others during working hours. While social networking is fun and valuable, there are some risks you should keep in mind when using these tools. In the social media world, the lines are blurred between what is public or private, personal or professional.

We've created these social networking/media guidelines for you to follow when representing Nordstrom—in the virtual world.

Note: Please talk with your manager before using these tools during non-work hours.

Please do the following:

Use good judgment

  • We expect you to use good judgment in all situations.
  • You must know and follow the Nordstrom Code of Conduct, Nordstrom Privacy Policy, including Social Networking/Media Guidelines, and Conflict of Interest policy.

Be respectful

  • Always treat others (including customers, non-customers, shareholders, co-workers, vendors and competitors) in a respectful, positive and considerate manner.

Be responsible and ethical

  • Even though you are approved to represent Nordstrom, unless you are specifically authorized to speak on behalf of the company as a spokesperson, you should state that the views expressed in your postings, etc. are your own. Stick with discussing work-related matters that are within your area of job responsibility.
  • Be open about your affiliation with Nordstrom and the role/position you hold.

Be humble

  • Our number-one goal is to offer each customer great service, but we're certainly not perfect and we do make mistakes. Let's stay focused on working to deliver great service instead of bragging about it.

Be a good listener

  • Keep in mind that one of the biggest benefits of social media is that it gives our customers another way to talk to us—to ask us questions directly and to share their feedback.
  • Always be doing at least as much listening and responding as you do "talking."

Avoid conflicts of interest

  • A conflict of interest exists if you have an interest outside of your work at Nordstrom that interferes with your responsibilities or may affect your judgment on behalf of Nordstrom.
  • Blogging, posting or chatting about product or fashion related to a direct competitor could be considered a conflict of interest.
  • If you have any questions, please see your manager or Human Resources. Conflict of interest is also outlined in the full Code of Conduct available on

Please don't share the following:

Confidential information

  • Do not publish, post or release information that is considered confidential or not public. If it seems confidential, it probably is. Online "conversations" are never private!
  • Do not discuss numbers and other sales figures (non-public financial or operational information), strategies and forecasts, legal issues or future promotions/activities.
  • Do not post any merchandise pricing information or comparisons.

If a member of the media or a financial analyst contacts you, as always, refer them to the PR or Investor Relations team through your store operator. If you have any questions about what is considered confidential, check in with your manager or Human Resources.

Private and personal information—yours, customers' and co-workers'

  • To ensure your safety, be careful about the type and amount of personal information you provide. Avoid talking about personal schedules or situations.
  • NEVER give out or transmit personal information of customers or co-workers (including information from Personal Book or other customer lists such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, account numbers or other personal information).
  • Don't take information you may receive through social networking (such as e-mail addresses, customer names or telephone numbers) and add it to Personal Book or other Nordstrom tools.
  • Always respect the privacy of our customers, famous or not, who enter our stores. Never share details about who is in your store or what they purchase when they visit or call.
  • See the Nordstrom Privacy Policy for more information.

Please be cautious with respect to:


  • Respect brand, trademark, copyright information and/or images.
  • You may use photos and video (products, etc.) that are available on
  • It is generally acceptable to post pictures taken of store product, though there are some exceptions. To avoid issues, it might be best to discuss this with your store manager before moving forward.
  • Do not post pictures of others (customers, co-workers, etc.) without their permission.

Other sites

  • A significant part of the interaction on Twitter, Facebook and involves passing on interesting content or linking to cool items. However, we are ultimately responsible for any content we pass on to our networks. Don't blindly repost a link without looking at the content first.
  • Avoid linking to outside websites, unless you trust the source.
  • Pay attention to the security warnings that pop up on your computer before clicking on unfamiliar links. They actually serve a purpose and protect you, Nordstrom and our customers from things like computer viruses.
  • When using Twitter, Facebook and other tools, be sure to follow their printed terms and conditions.


We want our customers who see Nordstrom advertising messages (ads, blog posts, Facebook or Twitter posts) to have a clear understanding about where those messages originated. If Nordstrom has a connection to the person posting (the endorser)--meaning the endorser received money or products, they work for us, or they attended an exclusive special event, for example--we require that the endorser disclose that connection.

What is an endorsement that needs to be disclosed?

  • Any advertising message about Nordstrom (ad, Tweet, Facebook or blog post) that customers believe reflects the opinions, beliefs, findings or experiences of someone other than Nordstrom, and
  • Where the advertising message is made in connection with a benefit, perk, or compensation received from Nordstrom. For example, the endorser was invited to a special event, they received food, money, products, they work for us, or they have an investor relationship. For more information on endorsement requirements please click here.

And if you don't get it right...

  • Be sure to correct any mistake you make immediately, and make it clear what you've done to fix it.
  • If it's a MAJOR mistake (e.g., exposing private customer or employee information or reporting confidential information), please let your manager know immediately so we can take the proper steps to help minimize the impact it may have.

As a reminder

Nordstrom pays for all time worked, which includes the time you engage in social networking activities as a Nordstrom representative. Please ensure that you are clocked in or have recorded your work time when you're using these tools for business reasons, otherwise we will presume your time spent social networking is not work related. After-hours business use of social networking activity as a Nordstrom representative should be pre-approved by your manager. As always, any time worked when not clocked in should be recorded on a Special Activity Timesheet (located at>My Pay & Info).

In conclusion

The purpose for you to become more actively involved with social media is to find additional opportunities to connect with your customers and share information with them that they enjoy receiving. If you are a front-line salesperson, this should just be another valuable tool that will help you further accomplish that goal—but it shouldn't take away from the very important person-to-person contacts that you will continue to make each day. If you have any questions about using social media to connect with your customers, please speak with your manager or Human Resources.Above all, remember to have fun and be yourself! We look forward to seeing you online!