The bareMinerals difference

The bareMinerals® Difference

What Makes bareMinerals® So Special? 

With millions of loyal devotees worldwide, it's no wonder Bare Escentuals® is the number-one mineral makeup.* Its award-winning, 100% pure bareMinerals® line has always been about using only the purest, highest quality minerals found in the earth. Mined in exclusive regions around the country, the proprietary formula represents a refined blend that does not compromise on quality. 

What's not in bareMinerals® formulas is just as important as what is: bareMinerals® never has and never will contain preservatives or other chemical ingredients. When you touch bareMinerals®, you will notice a creamy, delicately soft texture, compared to the dry and chalky feel found in other makeup brands. Because Bare Escentuals® only uses the purest ingredients, it offers the look of bare skin while giving you full coverage, without the chemicals skin doesn't need. This is critical in giving a 100% natural look and no-makeup feel, a uniquely distinguishing feature of bareMinerals®. 

Free of any preservatives, fillers or binders, 100% pure bareMinerals® represents the ideal mix of makeup and skincare: problem-solving cosmetics that perfect and pamper the complexion. Thanks to its zero-irritability factor, this skin-loving formula is a dream come true for millions of women of all ages and skin types, especially those struggling with sensitive skin, scars, rosacea and acne. The clinical studies and customer testimonials speak for themselves. It's makeup so pure you can sleep in it. 

*In the U.S., based on Foundation and Powder retail sales, FY2007 as reported by the NPD Group and Infoscan, IRI, Inc.