The Timberland Difference

Pull on your boots and make a difference.
Timberland is more than a tree logo or a building full of bootmakers or an abbreviation on the stock exchange. It's a group of people.
They started as a small group, one family, who shared certain beliefs. The first belief was, if you set out to make a pair of boots, you make the best damn pair of boots you are capable of making. This belief was enough to get the business going. But as they grew, they knew that wasn't enough. They knew they were capable of more.
Timberland makes boots, but it's more than just bootmakers—it's real people working side-by-side with other real people. The implications of this are obvious. They must be decent neighbors—helping people out when they can.
Several years ago, they began to serve in our communities. They took advantage of individual strengths, whether it was using a hammer or teaching children to read, and shared those skills with people who needed them.
Now, as part of their Path of Service™ program, each full-time Timberland employee receives 40 hours of paid time a year to volunteer in his or her community. They've already performed over 80,000 hours of service.
This simple act of turning potential into action has had huge results. They've built homes, renovated day-care centers, cleared hiking trails and cleaned streets. It has transformed a lot of other people's lives, but it has also transformed their own. It turns out that trying to live up to their potential as a company has helped them live up to their potential as people.
They aren't bragging. They aren't even close to perfect. But they do think they've stumbled upon a formula that makes sense: To truly know your greatness, you must share it with someone who needs it.
The best way to understand is to pull on your boots.