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Wayf wunderkind Meredith Fisher started her line when she was just a junior in high school. (Yes, we're serious.) After a break to graduate from USC, she's back on the design scene.

It's pretty crazy that you started Wayf at 17. Were there ever any Mean Girls moments at school, or were the kids pretty cool?
Luckily, I didn't have any Mean Girls moments at school. Actually, the kids were really cool and excited for me!

Describe the Wayf girl.
The Wayf girl is on trend and fashion forward. She is able to incorporate Wayf pieces into her existing wardrobe and create a look that is uniquely her own. She is the girl at the party who everyone asks, "Where did you get your outfit?"

Wayf stands for Where Are You From. Is there a story behind the name?
I wanted a name that would have meaning and that would embody the Wayf girl. The Wayf girl is not from a single place. She doesn't have just one look or style. She's any girl that wants to look amazing!

You're originally from Kentucky. Do you feel like your Southern upbringing influences your designs?
My Southern upbringing has definitely influenced my approach to designing a collection. Growing up in Kentucky taught me to create a collection that isn't just for the girl who lives in a big city. It inspired me to create understandable, wearable and accessible clothing that can be loved by girls everywhere. Wayf is for girls who are just as cool and stylish as girls in New York or LA, but that might not live there!

Is there anything you miss about Kentucky?
While I love living in LA, there are things that I miss about Kentucky—mostly my cat and big parking lots. I'm horrible at parallel parking!

Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby?
Growing up in Kentucky, the racetrack is a major part of life. I have been to the Kentucky Derby, but my favorite time to go to the track is at Thanksgiving, which is an annual tradition for my family.

And now you live in LA! What are your favorite places?
I live in West Hollywood, and I love to hang out in my neighborhood. I love that I can walk to some of my favorite restaurants and stores. I can even walk to get my coffee, which is very rare in Los Angeles!


Favorite cocktail or mocktail?
I would take a Diet Coke over any cocktail!

Give us a window into what or who is really inspiring you right now.
I am really inspired by the Wayf girl. Each season I begin with her story: where she is this season, what she will be doing and what accessories she will be wearing. This season, she'll wear her Wayf dress from day to night. During the day, she'll wear chic colored glasses and booties. At night, her Wayf dress remains the same, only she swaps her chunky boot for a sexy heel and some bold accessories.

If you had to pick an era to live in other than this one, which would it be?
If I had to live in any other era, it would be the '70s. Does my wide-leg pant this season give it away?

Lightning round!

Ballet or tap dancing?

Delicate jewelry or hella bling?
Hella bling!

Brigitte Bardot or Jane Birkin?
Jane Birkin.

Heels or flats?

Saturday night party or Sunday afternoon brunch?


The Wayf girl knows how to work a look. Whether she's boldly rocking a head-to-toe print or creating her own modern mash-up, she's confident, cool and used to getting compliments.