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Zella 'Essential' Jacket
Anniversary SaleZella 'Essential' JacketSale: $64.90After Sale: $98.00
Nike 'District 72' Full Zip Hoodie
Anniversary SaleNike 'District 72' Full Zip HoodieSale: $52.90After Sale: $80.00
Zella 'Haute' Mélange  Jacket
Anniversary SaleZella 'Haute' Mélange JacketSale: $71.90After Sale: $108.00
Nike 'Legend 2.0 Poly' Leggings
Anniversary SaleNike 'Legend 2.0 Poly' LeggingsSale: $44.90After Sale: $68.00
Zella 'Run' Vest
Anniversary SaleZella 'Run' VestSale: $78.90After Sale: $118.00
Zella 'Pretty' Hoodie (Plus Size)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Pretty' Hoodie (Plus Size)Sale: $49.90After Sale: $78.00
Zella 'Cara' Colorblock Soft Shell Jacket
Anniversary SaleZella 'Cara' Colorblock Soft Shell JacketSale: $131.90After Sale: $198.00
Nike 'Legend 2.0' Capris
Anniversary SaleNike 'Legend 2.0' CaprisSale: $39.90After Sale: $60.00
Nike 'Serenity' Dri-FIT Tank
Anniversary SaleNike 'Serenity' Dri-FIT TankSale: $35.90After Sale: $55.00
Zella 'Live In' Reversible Leggings (Plus Size)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Live In' Reversible Leggings (Plus Size)Sale: $33.90After Sale: $52.00
Zella 'Barely Flare Booty' Cross Dye Pants
Anniversary SaleZella 'Barely Flare Booty' Cross Dye PantsSale: $44.90After Sale: $68.00
Zella 'Campera' Convertible Bomber Jacket
Anniversary SaleZella 'Campera' Convertible Bomber JacketSale: $108.90After Sale: $164.00
Nike 'Tempo' Track Shorts (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleNike 'Tempo' Track Shorts (Online Only)Sale: $19.90After Sale: $30.00
Zella 'Live In' Leggings (Cross Dye)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Live In' Leggings (Cross Dye)Sale: $37.90After Sale: $58.00
Zella 'Live In' Capris
Anniversary SaleZella 'Live In' CaprisSale: $28.90After Sale: $44.00
Zella 'Live In' Eclipse Space Dye Capris
Anniversary SaleZella 'Live In' Eclipse Space Dye CaprisSale: $31.90After Sale: $48.00
Wacoal '855170' Underwire Sports Bra
Anniversary SaleWacoal '855170' Underwire Sports BraSale: $42.90After Sale: $65.00
Zella 'Live In' Bike Shorts (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Live In' Bike Shorts (Online Only)Sale: $28.90After Sale: $44.00
Zella 'Move It' Capris
Anniversary SaleZella 'Move It' CaprisSale: $41.90After Sale: $64.00
Zella 'Pretty' Hoodie
Anniversary SaleZella 'Pretty' HoodieSale: $49.90After Sale: $78.00
Zella 'Essential' Jacket (Plus Size)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Essential' Jacket (Plus Size)Sale: $64.90After Sale: $98.00
Zella 'Move It' Capris (Plus Size)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Move It' Capris (Plus Size)Sale: $41.90After Sale: $64.00
Nike 'Futura Fade 2' Tee
Anniversary SaleNike 'Futura Fade 2' TeeSale: $19.90After Sale: $30.00
Zella 'Haute - Horizon' Shorts
Anniversary SaleZella 'Haute - Horizon' ShortsSale: $28.90After Sale: $44.00
Nike 'Tempo' Track Shorts (Plus Size) (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleNike 'Tempo' Track Shorts (Plus Size) (Online Only)Sale: $22.90After Sale: $35.00
ASICS® 'Pure' Capris (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleASICS® 'Pure' Capris (Online Only)Sale: $29.90After Sale: $45.00
Patagonia 'Better Sweater' Jacket
Anniversary SalePatagonia 'Better Sweater' JacketSale: $91.90After Sale: $139.00
Zella 'Live In - Power Play' Leggings
Anniversary SaleZella 'Live In - Power Play' LeggingsSale: $37.90After Sale: $58.00
Patagonia Down Sweater Vest
Anniversary SalePatagonia Down Sweater VestSale: $118.90After Sale: $179.00
Zella 'Aria' Distressed Metallic Jacket
Anniversary SaleZella 'Aria' Distressed Metallic JacketSale: $78.90After Sale: $118.00
Alo 'Canyon' Stand Collar Pullover (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleAlo 'Canyon' Stand Collar Pullover (Online Only)Sale: $44.90After Sale: $68.00
Zella 'Soul 2' Pants
Anniversary SaleZella 'Soul 2' PantsSale: $43.90After Sale: $66.00
Zella 'City' Shorts (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleZella 'City' Shorts (Online Only)Sale: $37.90After Sale: $58.00
Zella 'Soul 2' Capris
Anniversary SaleZella 'Soul 2' CaprisSale: $36.90After Sale: $56.00
Zella 'Barely Flare Booty' Pants
Anniversary SaleZella 'Barely Flare Booty' PantsSale: $39.90After Sale: $62.00
adidas Trefoil Logo Leggings (Online Only)
Anniversary Saleadidas Trefoil Logo Leggings (Online Only)Sale: $25.90After Sale: $35.00
Nike 'Performance' No-Show Socks (3-Pack) (Women)
Anniversary SaleNike 'Performance' No-Show Socks (3-Pack) (Women)Sale: $9.90After Sale: $14.00
Zella 'Trend' Seamless Tank (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Trend' Seamless Tank (Online Only)Sale: $19.90After Sale: $32.00
Patagonia 'Better Sweater' Fleece Coat
Anniversary SalePatagonia 'Better Sweater' Fleece CoatSale: $118.90After Sale: $179.00
The North Face 'Apex Bionic Grace' Jacket (Nordstrom Exclusive)
Anniversary SaleThe North Face 'Apex Bionic Grace' Jacket (Nordstrom Exclusive)Sale: $185.90After Sale: $249.00
Zella Tab Back Socks (3-Pack)
Anniversary SaleZella Tab Back Socks (3-Pack)Sale: $13.90After Sale: $22.00
Nike 'Epic Run' Crop Tights
Anniversary SaleNike 'Epic Run' Crop TightsSale: $49.90After Sale: $75.00
Nike Dri-FIT No-Show Tab Socks (3-Pack) (Women)
Anniversary SaleNike Dri-FIT No-Show Tab Socks (3-Pack) (Women)Sale: $12.90After Sale: $18.00
Zella 'Luxe' Cross Dye Jacket (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleZella 'Luxe' Cross Dye Jacket (Online Only)Sale: $64.90After Sale: $98.00
Nike 'District 72' Leggings
Anniversary SaleNike 'District 72' LeggingsSale: $46.90After Sale: $70.00
Nike 'Filament' Capri Tights (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleNike 'Filament' Capri Tights (Online Only)Sale: $31.90After Sale: $48.00
Zella Low Rise Skinny Fleece Sweatpants (Online Only)
Anniversary SaleZella Low Rise Skinny Fleece Sweatpants (Online Only)Sale: $35.90After Sale: $54.00

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