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Women's Hosiery, Leggings & Socks

Trendy new hosiery, leggings and socks for fall.

We invited our favorite Instagrammers to our photo studio to show us how to rock the latest legwear trends.

Trendy over-the-knee and patterned socks.

Knee-highs, thigh-highs, anklets, oh my! Stock up on these proper staples gone deliciously rogue.


Cool new patterned tights.

From artfully patterned to glamorously sheer, these tights are all you need to amp up any fall ensemble.


Hot new textured leggings.

Get a leg up on the moto-chic style game with faux leather and inky denim.


Women's Hosiery, Leggings & Socks

Pact 'Watermelon Mountain' Organic Cotton Crew Socks
New MarkdownPact 'Watermelon Mountain' Organic Cotton Crew SocksWas: $10.00Now: $6.7033% OFF
Stance 'Heat Wave' Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Heat Wave' SocksWas: $10.00Now: $6.7033% OFF
Stance 'Chloe' Tie-Dye Ankle Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Chloe' Tie-Dye Ankle SocksWas: $10.00Now: $6.7033% OFF
Stance 'Lone Leopard' Metallic Ankle Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Lone Leopard' Metallic Ankle SocksWas: $12.00Now: $8.0433% OFF
Stance 'Silvershell' Ankle Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Silvershell' Ankle SocksWas: $12.00Now: $8.0433% OFF
PACT Slouchy Organic Cotton Over the Knee Socks
New MarkdownPACT Slouchy Organic Cotton Over the Knee SocksWas: $14.00Now: $9.3833% OFF
PACT Slouchy Organic Cotton Over the Knee Socks
New MarkdownPACT Slouchy Organic Cotton Over the Knee SocksWas: $14.00Now: $9.3833% OFF
Stance 'Vata' Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Vata' SocksWas: $14.00Now: $9.3833% OFF
Stance 'Pistol Annie' Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Pistol Annie' SocksWas: $14.00Now: $9.3833% OFF
Stance 'Le Tigre' Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Le Tigre' SocksWas: $14.00Now: $9.3833% OFF
Stance 'Lady Love' Socks
New MarkdownStance 'Lady Love' SocksWas: $14.00Now: $9.3833% OFF
PACT 'Engineered' Organic Cotton Ankle Socks (2-Pack)
New MarkdownPACT 'Engineered' Organic Cotton Ankle Socks (2-Pack)Was: $15.00Now: $10.0533% OFF
Nordstrom 'Mix Pattern' Crew Socks (2-Pack)
New MarkdownNordstrom 'Mix Pattern' Crew Socks (2-Pack)Was: $15.00Now: $10.0533% OFF
Nordstrom Tie-Dye Liner Socks (6-Pack)
New MarkdownNordstrom Tie-Dye Liner Socks (6-Pack)Was: $15.00Now: $10.0533% OFF
Nordstrom Mock Over the Knee Tights
New MarkdownNordstrom Mock Over the Knee TightsWas: $18.00Now: $12.0633% OFF
Nordstrom 'Spiral' Tights
New MarkdownNordstrom 'Spiral' TightsWas: $18.00Now: $12.0633% OFF
Nordstrom Floral Openwork Tights
New MarkdownNordstrom Floral Openwork TightsWas: $18.00Now: $12.0633% OFF
DKNY Camo Jacquard Tights
New MarkdownDKNY Camo Jacquard TightsWas: $20.00Now: $15.0025% OFF
Nordstrom 'Best Days' Now-Show Liner Socks (7-Pack)
New MarkdownNordstrom 'Best Days' Now-Show Liner Socks (7-Pack)Was: $24.00Now: $16.0833% OFF
DKNY Bold Stripe Tights
New MarkdownDKNY Bold Stripe TightsWas: $25.00Now: $18.7525% OFF
PACT 'Butterfly' Organic Cotton Leggings
New MarkdownPACT 'Butterfly' Organic Cotton LeggingsWas: $34.00Now: $22.7833% OFF
PACT 'Basket Weave' Organic Cotton Leggings
New MarkdownPACT 'Basket Weave' Organic Cotton LeggingsWas: $34.00Now: $22.7833% OFF
Hue Ikat Print Stretch Denim Leggings
New MarkdownHue Ikat Print Stretch Denim LeggingsWas: $44.00Now: $29.4833% OFF
Hue Liner Socks
Hue Liner SocksWas: $6.50Now: $3.9040% OFF
Hue Mesh Liner Socks
Hue Mesh Liner SocksWas: $6.50Now: $3.9040% OFF
DKNY Cushion Liner Socks
DKNY Cushion Liner SocksWas: $7.00Now: $4.2040% OFF
Nordstrom 'Geo Giraffe' Tights
Nordstrom 'Geo Giraffe' TightsWas: $18.00Now: $10.8040% OFF
DKNY Lace Tights
DKNY Lace TightsWas: $20.00Now: $11.9840% OFF
DKNY 'Super Opaque' Control Top Tights
DKNY 'Super Opaque' Control Top TightsWas: $16.00Now: $12.0025% OFF
Nordstrom Oversize Metallic Fishnet Tights
Nordstrom Oversize Metallic Fishnet TightsWas: $18.00Now: $12.0633% OFF
Nordstrom 'Go To' Print Leggings
Nordstrom 'Go To' Print LeggingsWas: $24.00Now: $14.4040% OFF
DKNY Quilted Tights
DKNY Quilted TightsWas: $22.00Now: $16.5025% OFF

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