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YOUR BEST LOOKS - fit tips by body type
Your Body Type How To Measure Video: Fit Fundamentals

Use these tips to identify your body shape and find the most flattering fit. Ready to shop? The links below will direct you to the styles that are best for your body.

Straight | Pear | Hourglass | Apple | Full Bust

Little definition between bust, waist and hip measurements.

If you'd like to create the illusion of a curvier figure, start by defining your waist. Fitted tops and sweaters with ruching, belts or ties across the midriff help to create visual curves. A dress or top with an Empire seam or a wide inset waist naturally creates flattering definition. A fitted jacket or vest with a nipped-in silhouette or a shorter version that hits at the waist will also help to define that shape. On the bottom, an A-line skirt offers just the right balance. If you'd prefer pants, try a boot-cut or trouser style to keep the curving lines moving all the way down, but don't be afraid to embrace a slimmer, straight leg that fits your body well.

Fuller at hips and bottom and smaller on top.

Every woman knows that dark colors are slimming, and the quickest way to minimize hips and thighs is with the perfect pair of dark trousers—a wider, straight-leg cut is a sure bet. A-line skirts and dresses, as long as they're not clingy, are also flattering. But the real secret to minimizing your bottom half is accentuating your top, so draw the eye up. Showcase shoulders or a (slightly) daring décolletage. Choose a jacket or a sweater with a wide, face-framing collar. Look for appliqué or embroidery details that highlight the parts of your body you like best.

Curvaceous, with a full bust, defined waist and full hips.

Embrace your curves with classic wrapped dresses, tops and sweaters. A lower neckline, whether you choose a U, V, surplice or scoop, keeps your look from becoming too top-heavy, while a fitted jacket with a nipped-in waist or a shaped blazer helps to define the curves you like. Trousers and jeans with fuller or boot-cut legs balance the lower half of your silhouette, keeping hips in check. A-line skirts and dresses flatter virtually every figure, but an hourglass can also rev up her look with a well-fitted pencil skirt.

Weight is carried around middle, without a well-defined waist.

Empire waists, swing and trapeze-shaped jackets, and A-line shift dresses are all styles that flatter your shape. A well-placed Empire seam hits right at the narrowest part of your figure and glosses over everything else. A-line shapes should fit at the bust, emphasizing the curves you like while providing comfortable ease elsewhere. Detailed necklines and collars work the same way, drawing the eye up and away from the waist. Wide-leg or boot-cut pants and jeans keep your silhouette balanced all the way down.

Bust measurement is fuller than hips and bottom.

Make the most of your curves and keep your look in balance with a slightly lowered neckline and a bit more definition at or below the waist. Solid colors and dark prints on top allow you to choose a more boldly patterned skirt. Similarly a fitted blouse or sweater pairs beautifully with a flared A-line skirt or fuller-cut trousers. Don't think it's all about camouflaging your bust, though. A well-cut halter top or dress can provide excellent coverage and support while keeping your look light on top—look for one with built-in cups.