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Tops All Savvy Clothing

The Fresh Edit: affordable, on-trend clothing from Topshop and our Savvy department.

Hot new pieces from Topshop and our Savvy department. Selected styles start at $38.


Tops All Savvy Clothing

Topshop Colorblock Jacquard Shell (Nordstrom Exclusive)
New MarkdownTopshop Colorblock Jacquard Shell (Nordstrom Exclusive)Was: $68.00Now: $33.9950% OFF
ASTR Cutout Shoulder Tank
New MarkdownASTR Cutout Shoulder TankWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
Leith Drape Front Duster Cardigan
New MarkdownLeith Drape Front Duster CardiganWas: $78.00Now: $38.9850% OFF
Topshop Textured Crop Top (Nordstrom Exclusive)
New MarkdownTopshop Textured Crop Top (Nordstrom Exclusive)Was: $64.00Now: $31.9950% OFF
Leith Coated Textured Crop Sweatshirt
New MarkdownLeith Coated Textured Crop SweatshirtWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
Topshop Stripe Mix Knit Sweater (Nordstrom Exclusive)
New MarkdownTopshop Stripe Mix Knit Sweater (Nordstrom Exclusive)Was: $72.00Now: $35.9950% OFF
ASTR Jacquard Button Back Peplum Top (Nordstrom Exclusive)
New MarkdownASTR Jacquard Button Back Peplum Top (Nordstrom Exclusive)Was: $58.00Now: $28.9850% OFF
RBL Strappy Back Camisole
New MarkdownRBL Strappy Back CamisoleWas: $36.00Now: $17.9850% OFF
Tildon Crop Cardigan (Online Only)
New MarkdownTildon Crop Cardigan (Online Only)Was: $58.00Now: $28.9850% OFF
Wayf Faux Wrap High/Low Top
New MarkdownWayf Faux Wrap High/Low TopWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
Tildon Faux Wrap Crop Top
New MarkdownTildon Faux Wrap Crop TopWas: $34.00Now: $16.9850% OFF
Leith Knit Crop Tube Top
New MarkdownLeith Knit Crop Tube TopWas: $16.00Now: $7.9850% OFF
Topshop Floral Appliqué Crop Top
Topshop Floral Appliqué Crop TopWas: $56.00Now: $23.9955% OFF
ASTR Crop Wrap Front Woven Blouse
New MarkdownASTR Crop Wrap Front Woven BlouseWas: $44.00Now: $21.9850% OFF
Tildon Mixed Media Tank
New MarkdownTildon Mixed Media TankWas: $34.00Now: $16.9850% OFF
Topshop Jersey Peplum Tank
Topshop Jersey Peplum TankWas: $20.00Now: $12.0040% OFF
Wayf Wrap Front Camisole
New MarkdownWayf Wrap Front CamisoleWas: $40.00Now: $19.9850% OFF
Topshop Front Tie Burnout Tank
New MarkdownTopshop Front Tie Burnout TankWas: $20.00Now: $9.9950% OFF
Topshop Split Side High/Low Top
Topshop Split Side High/Low TopWas: $68.00Now: $29.9955% OFF
ASTR Wrap Front Racerback Tank
New MarkdownASTR Wrap Front Racerback TankWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
Topshop Cutaway Wrap Back Shell (Nordstrom Exclusive)
New MarkdownTopshop Cutaway Wrap Back Shell (Nordstrom Exclusive)Was: $68.00Now: $33.9950% OFF
Leith Knit Halter Tank
New MarkdownLeith Knit Halter TankWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
ASTR Lace Inset Textured Top
New MarkdownASTR Lace Inset Textured TopWas: $62.00Now: $30.9850% OFF
ASTR Drape Front Halter Tank
New MarkdownASTR Drape Front Halter TankWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
ASTR Floral Print Off Shoulder Top
New MarkdownASTR Floral Print Off Shoulder TopWas: $52.00Now: $25.9850% OFF
Topshop Ribbed Sweater (Nordstrom Exclusive)
New MarkdownTopshop Ribbed Sweater (Nordstrom Exclusive)Was: $72.00Now: $35.9950% OFF
Topshop Crochet Lace Overlay Top
Topshop Crochet Lace Overlay TopWas: $56.00Now: $23.9955% OFF
Topshop Notch Hem Bandeau
Topshop Notch Hem BandeauWas: $56.00Now: $14.9970% OFF
ASTR Lace Kimono Cardigan
New MarkdownASTR Lace Kimono CardiganWas: $84.00Now: $41.9850% OFF
Topshop Hibiscus Print Off-Shoulder Top
Topshop Hibiscus Print Off-Shoulder TopWas: $48.00Now: $23.9950% OFF
Topshop Burnout V-Neck Tee
New MarkdownTopshop Burnout V-Neck TeeWas: $32.00Now: $14.9950% OFF
Tildon Lace Trim Tank
New MarkdownTildon Lace Trim TankWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
ASTR Strap Detail Surplice Camisole
New MarkdownASTR Strap Detail Surplice CamisoleWas: $44.00Now: $21.9850% OFF
Topshop Textured Scuba Bandeau Top
New MarkdownTopshop Textured Scuba Bandeau TopWas: $56.00Now: $14.9970% OFF
Tildon Woven High/Low Tee
New MarkdownTildon Woven High/Low TeeWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
Topshop Seam Detail Bralette
Topshop Seam Detail BraletteWas: $16.00Now: $3.9975% OFF
Leith Lace Yoke Tank
New MarkdownLeith Lace Yoke TankWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
ASTR Print Lace Mixed Media Tank
New MarkdownASTR Print Lace Mixed Media TankWas: $50.00Now: $24.9850% OFF
Rules of Etiquette Metallic Tie Front Crop Tube Top
New MarkdownRules of Etiquette Metallic Tie Front Crop Tube TopWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
Rules of Etiquette Tie Front Crop Tube Top
New MarkdownRules of Etiquette Tie Front Crop Tube TopWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
Topshop Moto Stretch Denim Bandeau
Topshop Moto Stretch Denim BandeauWas: $44.00Now: $11.9970% OFF
Leith Shimmer Stripe Envelope Back Tank
New MarkdownLeith Shimmer Stripe Envelope Back TankWas: $48.00Now: $23.9850% OFF
ASTR Mesh Racerback Tank
New MarkdownASTR Mesh Racerback TankWas: $46.00Now: $22.9850% OFF
ASTR Lace Crop Tank
New MarkdownASTR Lace Crop TankWas: $58.00Now: $28.9850% OFF
Topshop 'Fisherman' Crop Sweater
New MarkdownTopshop 'Fisherman' Crop SweaterWas: $56.00Now: $29.9945% OFF
Topshop Crocheted Hem Crop Sweater (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownTopshop Crocheted Hem Crop Sweater (Regular & Petite)Was: $68.00Now: $19.9970% OFF
ASTR Crochet Yoke Crinkle Top
New MarkdownASTR Crochet Yoke Crinkle TopWas: $58.00Now: $28.9850% OFF
Topshop Scoop Neck Tank
New MarkdownTopshop Scoop Neck TankWas: $35.00Now: $9.9970% OFF
Topshop Mesh Back Knit Sweater
Topshop Mesh Back Knit SweaterWas: $76.00Now: $19.9970% OFF
Leith Embellished Double V-Neck Tank
New MarkdownLeith Embellished Double V-Neck TankWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
Topshop Sequin Tank
New MarkdownTopshop Sequin TankWas: $84.00Now: $23.9970% OFF
Topshop Embroidered Oversized Shirt
New MarkdownTopshop Embroidered Oversized ShirtWas: $64.00Now: $29.9950% OFF
Topshop Tropical Print Seamed Bralette
Topshop Tropical Print Seamed BraletteWas: $22.00Now: $5.9970% OFF

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