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Women's Skirts

The Modern Collection: versatile women's clothing in our t.b.d. department.

Now online and in t.b.d. in stores: super-mixable, versatile pieces from Chelsea28, 1.STATE and more. Selected styles start at $58.


BP. Tiered High/Low Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownBP. Tiered High/Low Skirt (Juniors)Was: $28.00Now: $16.8040% OFF
Bobeau Crochet Mesh Skirt
New MarkdownBobeau Crochet Mesh SkirtWas: $48.00Now: $19.9055% OFF
re:named Floral Print Flare Skirt
New Markdownre:named Floral Print Flare SkirtWas: $42.00Now: $20.9850% OFF
BCNU Tweed Skater Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownBCNU Tweed Skater Skirt (Juniors)Was: $36.00Now: $21.6040% OFF
PPLA Button Back Stripe Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownPPLA Button Back Stripe Skirt (Juniors)Was: $38.00Now: $22.8040% OFF
h.i.p. Front Slit Geometric Print Midi Skirt (Juniors)
New Markdownh.i.p. Front Slit Geometric Print Midi Skirt (Juniors)Was: $38.00Now: $22.8040% OFF
BCNU Floral Print Organza Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownBCNU Floral Print Organza Skirt (Juniors)Was: $39.00Now: $23.4040% OFF
Everly Pleat High Waist Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownEverly Pleat High Waist Skirt (Juniors)Was: $40.00Now: $23.9840% OFF
Dirty Ballerina Gathered Waist Maxi Skirt
New MarkdownDirty Ballerina Gathered Waist Maxi SkirtWas: $52.00Now: $25.9850% OFF
June & Hudson Floral Print Midi Skirt
New MarkdownJune & Hudson Floral Print Midi SkirtWas: $52.00Now: $25.9850% OFF
June & Hudson Ombré Midi Skirt
New MarkdownJune & Hudson Ombré Midi SkirtWas: $52.00Now: $25.9850% OFF
Bobeau Ruched Waist Side Slit Maxi Skirt (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownBobeau Ruched Waist Side Slit Maxi Skirt (Regular & Petite)Was: $44.00Now: $26.4040% OFF
PPLA Quilted Skater Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownPPLA Quilted Skater Skirt (Juniors)Was: $44.00Now: $26.4040% OFF
PPLA Floral Embroidered Lace Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownPPLA Floral Embroidered Lace Skirt (Juniors)Was: $48.00Now: $28.8040% OFF
ASTR Embroidered Faux Leather Miniskirt
New MarkdownASTR Embroidered Faux Leather MiniskirtWas: $58.00Now: $28.9850% OFF
Devlin Metallic Pleated Skirt
New MarkdownDevlin Metallic Pleated SkirtWas: $68.00Now: $33.9850% OFF
Wayf Maxi Skirt
New MarkdownWayf Maxi SkirtWas: $68.00Now: $33.9850% OFF
PPLA Daisy Print Overall Skirt (Juniors)
New MarkdownPPLA Daisy Print Overall Skirt (Juniors)Was: $58.00Now: $34.8040% OFF
Trouvé Pointed Hem Tube Skirt
New MarkdownTrouvé Pointed Hem Tube SkirtWas: $58.00Now: $34.8040% OFF
Loveappella Foldover Maxi Skirt (Petite)
New MarkdownLoveappella Foldover Maxi Skirt (Petite)Was: $58.00Now: $38.8633% OFF
Hinge® Embroidered A-Line Skirt
New MarkdownHinge® Embroidered A-Line SkirtWas: $58.00Now: $38.8633% OFF
Halogen® 'Avalon' Lace Pencil Skirt
New MarkdownHalogen® 'Avalon' Lace Pencil SkirtWas: $69.00Now: $39.9040% OFF
Halogen® Cross Weave Suit Skirt
New MarkdownHalogen® Cross Weave Suit SkirtWas: $78.00Now: $39.9045% OFF
Halogen® Lightweight Denim Miniskirt
New MarkdownHalogen® Lightweight Denim MiniskirtWas: $69.00Now: $39.9040% OFF
Halogen® Denim Pencil Skirt
New MarkdownHalogen® Denim Pencil SkirtWas: $69.00Now: $39.9040% OFF
Vince Camuto Ruched Midi Tube Skirt (Regular & Petite)
New MarkdownVince Camuto Ruched Midi Tube Skirt (Regular & Petite)Was: $69.00Now: $41.4040% OFF
Karen Kane Snake Jacquard Slim Skirt
New MarkdownKaren Kane Snake Jacquard Slim SkirtWas: $69.50Now: $41.7040% OFF
Topshop Gingham Skort
New MarkdownTopshop Gingham SkortWas: $68.00Now: $44.9933% OFF
Chelsea28 Textured A-Line Skirt
New MarkdownChelsea28 Textured A-Line SkirtWas: $78.00Now: $46.8040% OFF
Chelsea28 Eyelet Cotton Full Skirt
New MarkdownChelsea28 Eyelet Cotton Full SkirtWas: $78.00Now: $46.8040% OFF
Topshop Diamond Quilted Skort
New MarkdownTopshop Diamond Quilted SkortWas: $72.00Now: $49.9930% OFF
Ace Delivery Mixed Print Pleated Skirt
New MarkdownAce Delivery Mixed Print Pleated SkirtWas: $78.00Now: $52.2633% OFF
Vince Camuto Sheer Pleat Maxi Skirt
New MarkdownVince Camuto Sheer Pleat Maxi SkirtWas: $89.00Now: $53.4040% OFF
Chelsea28 Ribbon Trim Pleated Skirt
New MarkdownChelsea28 Ribbon Trim Pleated SkirtWas: $98.00Now: $58.8040% OFF
Bailey 44 'Sex on the Beach' Print Wrap Skirt
New MarkdownBailey 44 'Sex on the Beach' Print Wrap SkirtWas: $152.00Now: $75.9850% OFF
Free People 'Squared Off' Front Slit Maxi Skirt
New MarkdownFree People 'Squared Off' Front Slit Maxi SkirtWas: $128.00Now: $76.8040% OFF
Milly Print Tube Skirt
New MarkdownMilly Print Tube SkirtWas: $165.00Now: $98.9840% OFF
Mcginn 'Rowan' Cotton Eyelet Skirt
New MarkdownMcginn 'Rowan' Cotton Eyelet SkirtWas: $170.00Now: $101.9840% OFF
Rachel Roy Seamed Ponte Pencil Skirt
New MarkdownRachel Roy Seamed Ponte Pencil SkirtWas: $228.00Now: $135.9040% OFF
Milly Print Pencil Skirt
New MarkdownMilly Print Pencil SkirtWas: $240.00Now: $143.9840% OFF
Rachel Roy Print Silk Pencil Skirt
New MarkdownRachel Roy Print Silk Pencil SkirtWas: $248.00Now: $147.9040% OFF
Lafayette 148 New York 'Metropolitan Stretch' Slim Skirt
New MarkdownLafayette 148 New York 'Metropolitan Stretch' Slim SkirtWas: $248.00Now: $148.8040% OFF
Robert Rodriguez Batik Dot Flounce Skirt
New MarkdownRobert Rodriguez Batik Dot Flounce SkirtWas: $265.00Now: $158.9840% OFF
Tibi Pleated Silk Skirt
New MarkdownTibi Pleated Silk SkirtWas: $395.00Now: $176.9855% OFF
KENZO Scallop Hem Neoprene Skirt
New MarkdownKENZO Scallop Hem Neoprene SkirtWas: $295.00Now: $176.9840% OFF
kate spade new york 'coreen' colorblock skirt
New Markdownkate spade new york 'coreen' colorblock skirtWas: $298.00Now: $178.8040% OFF
Theory 'Swah' Silk Blend Midi Skirt
New MarkdownTheory 'Swah' Silk Blend Midi SkirtWas: $415.00Now: $248.9840% OFF
KENZO Cotton Twill Miniskirt
New MarkdownKENZO Cotton Twill MiniskirtWas: $420.00Now: $251.9840% OFF
BLK DNM Leather Miniskirt
New MarkdownBLK DNM Leather MiniskirtWas: $695.00Now: $416.9840% OFF
Junya Watanabe Quilted Jean Midi Skirt
New MarkdownJunya Watanabe Quilted Jean Midi SkirtWas: $1,140.00Now: $455.9860% OFF
KENZO Print Lamé Skirt
New MarkdownKENZO Print Lamé SkirtWas: $795.00Now: $476.9840% OFF
Tamara Mellon Studded Leather Circle Skirt
New MarkdownTamara Mellon Studded Leather Circle SkirtWas: $1,295.00Now: $776.9840% OFF
Halogen® Pencil Skirt (Petite)
Halogen® Pencil Skirt (Petite)Was: $69.00Now: $40.8040% OFF
Halogen® Pencil Skirt (Petite)
Halogen® Pencil Skirt (Petite)Was: $69.00Now: $41.4040% OFF
Zella 'Sidelight' Track Skirt
Zella 'Sidelight' Track SkirtWas: $58.00Now: $43.4925% OFF
Chaus Stretch Knit Pencil Skirt
Chaus Stretch Knit Pencil SkirtWas: $59.00Now: $44.2525% OFF
Eileen Fisher Pleated Linen Knit Skirt
Eileen Fisher Pleated Linen Knit SkirtWas: $208.00Now: $114.4045% OFF
MARC BY MARC JACOBS' Pinwheel Flower' Miniskirt
MARC BY MARC JACOBS' Pinwheel Flower' MiniskirtWas: $298.00Now: $119.2060% OFF
maje 'Fibranne' Woven Miniskirt
maje 'Fibranne' Woven MiniskirtWas: $310.00Now: $123.9860% OFF

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