Westin Heavenly Bed

Making the Westin Heavenly Bed

Get the smooth, neat and crisp Westin Heavenly® Bed experience at home with these step-by-step instructions:

  1. EVENLY HANG THE BED SKIRT over both sides of the foundation.
  2. COVER THE MATTRESS with the fitted sheet.
  3. ADD THE DECORATIVE SHEET with the piping along the hem facing down. This should cover the entire mattress.
  4. PLACE THE DOWN BLANKET on the bed so that it covers the entire mattress, starting from the foot end. Leave one row of panels showing at the foot of the bed and on each side.
  5. COVER THE BLANKET with the top sheet. The top sheet should go eight inches past the blanket at the top of the bed.
  6. TUCK BOTH FLAT SHEETS and the down blanket, beginning at the foot of the bed, under the mattress. Tuck in all of the linens on both sides of the bed halfway up the side.
  7. OPEN THE DUVET over the bed and line up the squared corners with the head of the bed.
  8. FOLD BACK THE DUVET so the fold crease lies exactly in the middle of the bed.
  9. FOLD BACK THE TOP SHEET, which will exceed the duvet. Then fold back the blanket and cover with the top sheet. Finally, fold back the sheet with piping to reveal all three layers.
  10. PLACE THE EURO PILLOWS in the Euro shams and prop them up against the headboard.
  11. PLACE THE GOOSE DOWN PILLOWS in the standard shams and place in front of the Euro pillows.
  12. PLACE THE COMFOREL® PILLOWS in the decorative pillow cases and place them in front with the decorative piping facing outward. The boudoir pillow is placed at the very front.